Since a young age, Lacey Morris has been influenced and surrounded by gifted individuals that have impacted her life and her career. She inherited many of her creative gifts from her grandmother Connie Russell, a famous singer and actress, and her grandfather Michael Zimring, an agent for William Morris Agency. They gave her a great appreciation and understanding of what it took to be successful as an artist. It also allowed Lacey to be around many successful performers and learn from their words of wisdom. One of the most prominent moments is a conversation with Lauren Bacall where she is told "art is nothing unless you do something with it."

Lacey started her career by doing modeling at age five and went on to do dance performances at age seven. Lacey continued to broaden her horizon by acting in plays, painting and singing. Later in life, she took these gifts and decided to teach children the importance of self confidence and creativity. She has worked in many organizations with children with the intention to transforming lives through the performing arts.

For the past two years she has taught modeling, dancing, acting and singing at a premiere talent agency whose clients have included Halle Berry, Alicia Silverstone and many others. She also was a choreographer for the musical Westside Story in San Francisco. Currently she is musical director for Kids Take the Stage.