We are energetic beings having a human experience, moving in space and sharing intimate moments with our audience and the world around us as dancers and performers. The key is to make those moments meaningful, so that others grasp what it is you are trying to portray. In dance we can only capture those moments in the present. There is no rewind button to a performer’s piece. As a dancer, the key is to being present and owning your experience with 100% intention, so that you can have a powerful effect on your audience.

When I coach someone in dance, I teach them not just the awareness of their physical bodies but the awareness of their energetic bodies as well. Are they able to tune into the emotion of their piece and really portray it on stage? Can they dig deep inside of there choreographic devices and allow the audience inside their journey of movement? Because it is a cathartic journey, a dancer is taking someone on. The dancer must open a door to create a gateway for the audience to join him or her in the world that the dancer is trying to portray. The gateway is created through a connection to the human heart and soul where true emotion resides. So as your coach, I will provide choreographic devices in order to access these connections to create gateways.

  • Help define your own style and technique
  • Lose inhibitions and gain confidence
  • Connect with your internal self through dance
  • Learn to become and effective dancer by portraying emotions

Individual Training $60 an hour.

Group training negotiable depending on number of students