When we think of a model, we think 5’7, slender woman with a physically beautiful body who is confident and in control. I teach the beauty that resides within not just on the exterior. The self love one must have to be in such a personally challenging field. I emphasize the self love that one must have to be in such a personally challenging field. To survive in this industry you must have a fierceness, self esteem and tenacity to persevere. I teach all the modeling turns, but with a twist. I ask you not only be a model, but also be a performer and learn how to turn on a switch every time you enter a runway. I teach visualization, which most actors’ use that models are usually not aware of. These techniques help the model to turn on just like actors. The most important thing I teach my modeling students is compassion and respect for themselves and others. Models have just as much power to change our world, not just through their physical beauty but through inner beauty expressed through this compassion and respect. My ultimate goal in my classes is to have the model be able to bridge the fierceness, self esteem, and tenacity with compassion and respect to create the complete package.

  • Build self esteem
  • Learn basic runway techniques and movements
  • Teach makeup and how to dress for success

Individual Training $60 an hour.

Group training negotiable depending on number of students