The power of one’s voice can make us cry, literally stop time and transform an audience. Sound has been used for centuries to heal in many cultures. From the Native Americans to the African Tribes, who came together to sing and express themselves. Scientifically, when birds sing, the trees actually grow. So what is this power of voices such as Aretha Franklin, Andrea Botticelli and Sarah Brightman this power that can make us cry and feel altered in some way. As a singer, you have the power to transform your audience through time. As your coach I will teach you to connect not just to breathe but where you’re sound originates and the intention you must have as a singer. I have worked with singers who are well trained vocally but seem drained and are not getting the joy out of singing. They start with joy, but often times the technicality training can suck it out of us. I am here to assist you in finding the joy in singing once again, or maybe for the very first time. I work with all levels.

  • Learn to enjoy singing
  • Learn fundamental music terms and structure
  • Learn to express your spiritual self through song

Individual Training $60 an hour.

Group training negotiable depending on number of students