Lacey Marie Morris is a performing arts educator specializing in acting, singing, dance and modeling. She recently graduated from San Francisco State with a fine arts degree in Dance and Musical Theater. Lacey strongly believes that traditional artistic training does not utilize all of the powerful creative capabilities of human beings. Her methods attempt to tap into these capabilities by merging and balancing the physical and spiritual. Maintaining this fine balance is critical in achieving ultimate success. When artists allow the creative energy go through them and become the vehicle of the message they are unstoppable and have a powerful effect on the audience. In order to achieve their ultimate capabilities in their chosen art form student’s must learn to show up for themselves, be in there integrity and have the discipline to bring 100% effort in their classes as well as life. Ultimately Lacey believes it is the responsibility of the artist to use their creative gifts to make the world a better place to live in.

While applying these principles in her work as a yoga instructor, performing arts educator and director. Lacey came to understand the power of creative self expression and the utilization of performing arts for spiritual and emotional growth of the participants. These are some lessons that Lacey brings to her classes.