As a choreographer, my intention is to provoke my audience and use my dancers as pure vessels of change and transformation. I like to take my audience on a journey where they start in one place and arrive in another, where they leave feeling different about themselves and their world. For example a couple in the audience is having a relationship problem and they see my piece, they may choose to resolve it due to the story portrayed through my dancers. Choreography is an art; it’s storytelling through movement, expression and intention. When I work with my dancers, directing a piece it’s as if I am painting a new canvas and my dancers are the paints. A paint brush can’t do much without paint, so it’s really all about the relationship we build together and the trust that I have in my dancers carrying out my vision to an audience. In the past I have worked with children and adults in all arenas, utilizing choreographic tools for basic creation of pieces. I strive to evoke a passionate expression of emotions from my dancers. So that the end result of my canvas is a well crafted painting.

As a choreographer I have directed, assisted on sets, and stages.

In my Choreography Workshop:

  • Put your personal story into dance
  • Learn to bring passion and emotion
  • Learn choreographic structures and tools to implement any vision

Prices vary depending on class size. See Calendar for upcoming classes, and or events. Personal instruction available as well.