In ancient times, theater was used as a way of bringing people together and sharing issues of how people felt in their tribes and towns. It was a way to connect and feel human, to laugh and cry and share our soul's deepest and darkest secrets. Theater of the Soul is just that, it is an invitation to be fully present with what is going on in the moment. To be an actor or performer, one who attempts to make a difference in their audience's lives, touching them and moving them to worldly heights one must carry. Presence is an invitation. It requires awareness, focused attention, using your intelligence, and allowing others to make an impact on you. And that is exactly what you will discover in my classes of theater. Each class will teach you about how to harness and witness your very own power and richness as a performer. The prerequisites are to have an idea or vision, concept you are working on, a script, monologue, song, and poem in a short play as well as other protocols. This class will give you the tools to create a more powerful presence in order to affect your audience. The way I work is from the inside out, hence the name theater of the soul. I incorporate meditation, visualization and writing exercises to assist in understanding one’s process of creation and offering. Please see classes and workshops for description of this class.