For the past five years Lacey Morris has been providing Reiki and Sound Healing to private clients all over the Bay Area. A singer since birth, Lacey has intuitively known the power of music and vibration. Yet it wasn't until her Mother was diagnosed with cancer that her life had an extreme turning point. She was twenty three, searching for the meaning of life, and beginning to go deeper when she received the call of her mother's illness. This call changed her whole life. She then moved home to take care of her mother, and those two years began an immense initiation into the healing arts and to the healer I was to become. Her mother's illness, as well as her death two years later, became a huge gift in disguise. Lacey began to study deeper into ways of healing through the voice she carried. Lacey worked with many shamans in the Los Angeles area, and did her first vision quest. She moved through all her pain by singing, writing, and expressing every bit of the angst she felt. It became a story rather than a burden or catastrophe. This story carries Lacey to this day.

Lacey was already working with sound healing intuitively, and having immediate positive results with her clients. This was not enough. She wanted to understand on a practical level what was really happening. Lacey continued her studies at Globe Institute in San Francisco, a world-renowned sound healing institute. She studied with renowned sound healers such as Jonathon Goldman, Steven Halpern and Lisa Rafel, where students learned how to work on physical bodies using sound for healing purposes for stress reduction, illness, and psychological issues. After the program, Lacey embarked on an internship at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles as a sound healer in all wards. She worked with cancer patients, ICU patients and hospice care.