What is holistic hospice?

How can it serve my needs?

It is my belief when one is ill ready for transition it is the most delicate beautiful process they will ever be in, besides birth. Having my own experiences with hospice care with my own Mother I was never very comfortable with the way they treated her. Half the time I never knew which nurse was coming and it just didn’t feel right. So I decided out of my own passion for this cause to create my own holistic hospice service. In the next few months this service will expand to serve in many capacities. You are reading this in it’s very fertile stages. Currently myself and a few practicioners are teaming up to provide a wonderful healing service.

  • Bedside assistance for anyone in need of a listening ear, or healing touch.
  • Soft singing, music melodies by the bedside
  • Certified healers, and prayer practicioners ready to be of service
  • Weekly services available/hourly on site calls anytime
To suit your loved one in need, please call for specific questions in how we may assist you in these times of transition.

On-Call Hourly Services: $35

Weekly Services may be customized for additioanal charge.

No one turned away due to financial situations.