Vibration is the basis of life. Every sound you ever made echoes still. Sound waves never entirely disappear. Every body part of our body has its own frequency. Resonance occurs when frequencies come into synchronization. Different frequencies influence genes and cells. Form is created by underlying vibration. A solid is actually a wave, created and organized by a pulse. Sound energy can be used to heal entities vibrating at different frequencies come into resonance with one another. Sound can trigger past memories, release past memories, and stimulate joy. Through an intention applied it can create miraculous shifts in consciousness and healing.

Sound is associated with the soul, the part of us that reflects something deep and eternal. This is why most illness indicates soul issues, and why therefore both sound and music the language of our soul can help restore our health. Many ancient cultures viewed physical illness as a lack of harmony in the body. For treatment they would use sound and music to restore their natural condition. This awareness is just awakening once more. Far reaching possibilities are inherent in this type of vibration technology. In the areas of healing, emotional release, hypnosis, relaxation and stress.

My approach as a sound practitioner is very intuitive, a primal approach. I work with crystal singing bowls all tuned to different frequencies of the body, drums, rattles, as well as my voice. The process is meeting your body's resonance. I give you what your body is calling for. Root harmonies are in your structure memory the memory of how we live in physical manifestation. I feel my job is to assist one in waking these up. Some have referred to my work as soul sounding. Angelic, and comforting and soothing.

An individual session might last up to one hour. In some instances my clients will do the work with me toning on certain parts of the body which are stagnant. In other instances they might just be a receiving the sounds and reiki on a very subtle level. This work roots back to ancient Egypt as well as many different ancient cultures. For centuries sound has been used to harmonize the body and realign it back to its whole self. It is my honor to be able to bring back those ancient truths to assist other's in a re= awakening of themselves. I look forward to sounding with you soon.

Individual Sound Session: $65

Sound Healing and Reiki Combined: $70

Group Sound Experience: $85 for up to three sessions