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Learning to Love you

What does it mean when someone tells you practice self love? What if you learned as a child that your needs didn't matter, and you needed to care for others first before yourself. Then you will probably have a harder time to " love yourself " You will put everyone else in front of you, and gain something from being the constant caregiver or codependent in most your relationships. You'll also learn to be super independent at a young age, because frankly no one was as reliable as yourself. But how can this block you in your life?

Well to start with, you may not feel supported or seen in you intimate relationships. You may feel like getting breadcrumbs is fine, because it's something and certainly better than nothing. But you often feel drained in your relationships because your always the one saving the other, picking up the shoe when it drops, and being the peace they need to calm down. I know this because I have lived it....I walked away from it almost two years ago. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Even harder than losing my Mother at the young age of 24. But everyday from now on I choose me, and I ask that little girl who never quite felt loved what does she need to feel safe, protected, comforted.

Sometimes it's the addiction she wants, the lover that isn't available. But that is just a quick fix, a heroine hit and it would soon fade. She would soon have to face her demons again alone...and that is when I have to learn to love me. I invite you to work by my side in this process. I know what it feels like to seek all those external factors to feel loved. To finally realize I had to seek within me for that love to sustain me. Let me help you choose you. I wold be honored to be your guide.