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Tips for Living in Balance and Certainty

When were off our center or letting outside forces lead us we can feel disconnected from ourselves and others. It is especially hard lately to find a sense of balance when there are so many elements out of our control, fires, covid, finances. Our world is being shaken up and what do we have to hold on to? Over the past few months while starting my day I have begun to practice the list below. It has given me a sense of peace and helped ground me when all else fails. I hope they help you as well.

1. Take time to ground: This could look different ways for many different people. You can lean up against a tree if you happen to be near nature. If your in your home you can take a moment to sense and feel your body in deeper ways. Stretching for a few minutes and imagine feeling your feet dropping into the ground growing roots deep into the earth or carpet beneath you. Once you feel this connection you will feel your energy in a new expansive way.

2. Know your true boundaries: Boundaries can feel fluid and easy for many. For some, boundaries or even cultivating them is a new concept. A good practice is to close your eyes for a few moments and imagine a imaginary bubble surrounding your body. You could picture this bubble to be pink or white or some calming color that makes you feel safe and protected. Once you feel this image it is yours to call onto through the day. You can use it to feel safe and to protect your energies when needed.

3. Connect with your intention: What is your intention for the day? Sometimes mine could be as simple as " I allow my heart to be open and be my guide today." An intention creates an energy that you can cultivate through out your day, and always change when needed. The beauty of setting an intention is it allows for purpose to flow and for the universe to guide you easily and effortlessly.

4. Once soft enough, choose skillful vulnerability: Once your open enough and set a healthy boundary continue to fall into that boundary. Allow it to hold you through out the day. You may be pleasantly surprised.

5. Bring spirit into container to guide you: Spirit is what you believe as a higher entity or power that guides you. Something that is bigger than you. When I am still within myself I ask spirit to guide me and come through me. Spirit could be any form for you. Jesus, Buddha, mother nature etc etc. When we can feel like there is something bigger than us, holding us life can feel so much more meaningful.

6. Expect Miracles: When we begin to cultivate and practice all these things, then we move away from our fears and uncertainty and begin to trust in a bigger plan. Miracles often happen when we least expect them.

I invite you to start to practice these tools. Love to hear how they go. I of course am honored to help you with any one of them, and assist you in going deeper in this process. Click below for your free consultation and I will give you a boost in your process! Happy to be your guide.