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Art can transform us

Have you ever watched a really amazing movie or play and was just balling crying. Something about the character or the plot touched your heart and reminded you of a loved one or of pain that you were going through. These are the arts! They heal us even just by watching them. So imagine using them to heal your story.

I remember when I was a little girl, I would hide in my room and lock the door behind me and just dance. I would get lost in the movements and the sounds that surrounded me. This on some level was comforting. To dance, or draw, or listen to music. I knew at the very young age of five the capacity of art to heal and transform. Now there are actual studies that show that doing art affects the brain, creates neouroplasticity and can heal disease and illness. When I work with people I offer all kinds of modalities, writing, art, music, movement. Just yesterday I had a client of mine do some body mapping. She drew her body and the landscapes and images of the cancer and her inner struggles. I then had her dance out her pain and try to step in to a new story, a new state of being.

Tears fell down her face as she started to shed some of her pain through the images, and the movement. I was so honored and touched to hold space for her in a creative way, but really the art was what was healing her. I was just her guide.

I would be honored to be your guide. You don't have to be an artist to dive in to the arts. You just have to be open to surrender to a new you. Click below if your ready. I am waiting on the other side.