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Living your creative dreams amidst of fears!

Having and living your creative dreams will awaken and activate fears. This is to be expected and planned for. In order to deal with fear, you need to be able to:

Recognize and Identify it

Speak of it, write it down.

Establish the nature of it.

Ask is it rational or irrational. or a mixture.

Address the fears in some way.

Find solutions, ask for help or support.

Redirect fears.

Figure out where fears can live, so you can continue moving in the direction you choose!

Were human we all face fears and insecurities so sometimes naming them makes it easier to cage them. I call them monkeys. " The monkeys can't come out to play today" I say. And I lovingly move forward even with a baby step towards a goal. These days with covid that could be lovingly taking a walk, phoning a close friend, or finally getting to a creative project you have been putting off. It can also be simply having gratitude for each day, and showing up gracefully amidst the fears that are in your head. I lovingly challenge you today to face one fear with some of my interventions above and let me know how it goes!! I am rooting you on. You can do this! We can do this together. Love you