• About Lacey Morris

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    My Personal Story

    Now I could go ahead and list of all of the snazzy jobs and experiences I have had to make you want to choose me as your spiritual counselor and empowerment coach. Or I can tell you the hard stuff. I will give you an inside view of how it wasn’t always as easy as it appeared.


    I grew up in Malibu, CA where anyone would have died to have lived. My family was pretty affluent and I had nice things. I still struggled with a lot of internal conflicts, as we all did as children. I wanted to be deeply heard and seen, and loved by who else but my Motherly figure. I wanted an every now and then hug or words of encouragement that told me I was doing an amazing job. But instead I ended up being that role model for her. Hence, I fell in that role as the caregiver “helper” as they categorize in in psychology. This created an unconscious pattern in my mind that “If I fix others, they will have the capacity to love me.”


    I did not understand this pattern until my third horrific break up with a man who was an extreme narcissist and very unemotionally available. I guess you could say I was a love addict growing up through most of my teenage years. I rebelled from my parents and dove into many damaging, emotionally abusive relationships, all trying to fix others so they could be able to love me. A model I learned at a very young age. I became a victim in my life story and after the final discard I was ready to face my own inner demons. READ MORE HERE>>>>

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    Lacey Morris, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    I specialize in helping people understand their patterns and be more effective communicators. My role has been a guide and coach for my clients, providing innovative approaches based on Gestalt Method, Ancient Forgiveness Techniques, Psychodynamic Therapy, NLP and Hypnosis. I use these techniques to help my clients break patterns, many of which are fear based as a result of early childhood trauma that causes emotional issues in the present. This is deep and powerful work, and is necessary to enable a positive path to desired future. I also teach yoga and mindfulness, and help people have a better mind body connection to their unconscious patterns so they can finally break free from them.


    Lacey has completed her Master’s in counseling psychology with an emphasis in expressive arts from JFK University, a program that incorporates the arts and a holistic approach to psychology. She is licensed MFT Therapist and a Board certified Expressive Arts Therapist.




    In addition, Lacey is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Life Coach and Compassion Ambasador through Stanford University.