• "The first step to Choosing You is saying YES to life! Once we learn to take full responsibility for our actions, and forgive ourselves and others, we can build a strong foundation necessary to live in a world of our own choosing.


    I would be honored to be your guide in this first step of self discovery!" ~ Lacey Morris



  • "Choosing you means realizing your dreams and breaking away from old limiting beliefs and the past that binds you." ~Lacey Morris​

  • Counseling Services

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    Individual therapy can help you develop fresh insights

    • Co-dependency
    • Narcissistic abuse
    • Death of a loved one
    • Past trauma or abuse
    • Life change or difficult transitions
    • Self-esteem & body-image
    • Depression & anxiety
    • Addiction and PTSD.


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    Couples therapy can help promote deep intimacy

    • Communication Issues
    • Premarital Concerns
    • Sexual Issues
    • Repair after Infidelity or Unfaithfulness
    • Trust Issues
    • Financial Issues
    • The end of a Relationship
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    Family therapy can cultivate honest and open communication

    • Discern family struggles and weaknesses
    • Identify behavioral or emotional issues in children
    • Help establish roles and boundaries
    • Improve family communication
    • Assist with managing Conflicts
    • Any situation that causes stress to the family such as, blending Families, grief or loss, parenting.

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    Group therapy can provide a mechanism for accountability

    • Establish Healthy Boundaries
    • Get help moving forward
    • Have a healthy support system
    • Break old limited patterns together
    • Cultivate stronger sense of self
    • Create and experience joy and expansion with others
    • Define core values
    • Find a stronger sense of personal accountability 
    • Learn social skills and healthy relating 
  • Healing Services

    Everyone is different. Every client is special. Every situation can be healed.


    I strongly believe....that we must spend our time on this earth fully present, and experience our life to the fullest. This takes effort, commitment and the breaking down of barriers and fears to enable the powerful presence within each of us to manifest itself. The is the guiding principle of all my classes and counseling.


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  • What People are Saying...

    Andrea M

    " I was dating a man that had trouble with being emotionally available later to find out that he has narcissistic traits. I struggled with this relationship thinking often that I wasn't doing enough to make this work. I found Lacey though a friend, she helped me see what I was missing in my relationship. I was not getting my needs meet and with his issues will always feel a sense of sadness. Lacey allowed me to see the path I was heading if I continued with this relationship and that I am worthy of so much. She has also helped me learn from this situation and embrace my growth. I continue to see her because she gives me clarity in my life's struggles. Lacey is compassionate and understanding Therapist, I'm so glad to have found her! "

    ~Pediatric Nurse, Stanford Hospital, CA


    James S.

    " Having suffered severe anxiety & depression issues due to PTSD for a large portion of my life and seeing many medical professionals over the years, I can genuinely say that Lacey Morris is the best therapist I have ever interacted with. She is kind, patient, supportive and very responsive. Lacey approached every one of our sessions with a caring heart, compassion and always completely present to my feelings & needs. Because of this, she was able to tailor a treatment plan that helped me in ways I never thought possible. Most Importantly, she helped me gain an understanding of myself & my life, past & present, that has literally changed my life forever. From the bottom of my heart Lacey, THANK YOU"

    ~Construction Manager, San Jose CA

    Tara G.

    "There was a point in my life where I know I needed help, but had no idea where to go. I was battling depression (or self-diagnosing myself with it), definitely self-medicating with alcohol and bad relationship situations that were not serving me and a general feeling of needing to understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling and finally, how to manage these feelings and get to a place of homeostasis. Then I found Lacey. Lacey was so gentle with me (Yep, it was my first time going to see a Therapist), she listened to me, made me feel comfortable and able to spill it all. We started from the beginning, from my childhood and I discovered and realized things about myself I would have never thought of (Solving the “Why am I feeling the things I’m feeling question”.) After putting in the work I can say now I have control over my life, my feelings and my relationships after working with Lacey. It’s not easy, but working with Lacey is one of the best things I have done for myself and for my future."

    ~Brand Marketing Professional, Los Gatos CA


    Bliss K.

    "I found Lacey a few years ago by doing a search online Therapist's. After reading her bio and our initial call I was confident we were in the right hands. I’m a single mother of a teenage son and we were navigating some of the challenges that come from a two-household family dynamic. Lacey has been a source of steady guidance and support over the last 3 years for not only my son but also for me. We both see her individually and together to work on our communication. Lacey does an incredible job at encouraging self-advocacy which has been a really important tool for my son. Working with Lacey has also been a wonderful lesson to my son that having a trusted person to talk to and making that part of yourself care is necessary life skill that will serve him well on his journey to a happy healthy life. We appreciate all of the wonderful care we have received from Lacey and will be her clients for many years to come. Thank you for everything Lacey."

    ~Realtor, Los Gatos, CA


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