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    My Yoga Background

    As a yoga practitioner I have had the privilege to study two very fascinating forms of yoga in my studies. I am a certified Hatha yoga instructor who also apprenticed at Yoga West one of the main Kundalini Hubs in Los Angeles. While working there I studied intensely with Yogi Masters who use techniques for raising awareness and removing blocks in our energy field. I found these techniques to be extremely enlightening and since then I have adapted a practice which incorporates the two which my clients have found very effective. One is very internal, combining breathe and meditation, and other physical. So you get a great balance of awareness and core strength for your subtle and physical body. Below are the two descriptions and prices for my services.


    Due to Covid healing sessions are currently being offered via zoom.


    Kundalini Yoga

    Kundalini Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline which is a consolidation of the highest physical and meditative techniques found in the teachings of the Yoga Sutras. Kundalini yoga iso the only yoga referred to as the yoga of awareness because it directly affects one's consciousness, develops intuition, increases self knowledge, and unleashes the unlimited creative potential that exists within every human being. Mainstream traditions have shown that kundalini energy can be awakened and enlightenment attained by practicing a combination of yogic techniques ideally following the guidance of a certified teacher—including the use of mantra, prana and breathing techniques, sadhana, asana practice, meditation, or purely through devotion and prayer.


    Due to Covid healing sessions are currently being offered via zoom.

    Individual 1-hour Session: $65 / Buy 5 sessions for $300

    Hatha Yoga

    Hatha Yoga describes any of the physical practices of yoga. (Remember that yoga has eight limbs, only one of which, asana, involves doing yoga poses.) The word hatha is a compound of the words ha and tha meaning sun and moon, referring to prana and apana, and also to the principal nadis (energy channels) of the subtle body that must be fully operational to attain a state of dhyana or samãdhi. It is a strong practice done for purification and assist one in finding balance and true harmony in themselves. Which involves a physical work out depending on the level of your class.


    Due to Covid healing sessions are currently being offered via zoom.

    Individual 1-hour Session: $65 / Buy 5 sessions for $300

  • Spiritual Coaching

    Do you want to consciously create your ideal life? Do you want to own your power? Do you desire growth, progress, abundance, love, and deep satisfaction on your journey while experiencing gratitude and sharing kindness with others?


    As a spiritual coach I will help you connect to who you truly are. I work with you on changing, re-directing, navigating your life, uncovering your desires, taking steps towards your goals, achieving your dreams, bust limiting beliefs and remove roadblocks.


    We are born flawless, connected to our soul. Happy babies who just want to be loved by our family. Because our environment is not always aligned with this joy and compassion, we grow up beginning to live by certain tapes and recordings believing that we are simply not worthy of greatness. When we can learn to come back to our core essence which is love and perfection, we can learn to manifest anything in our lives. Blocks move, paths open and a new sense of gratitude emerges.


    Individual Session at $75.00 an hour / Package of 4 sessions $300 (get 1 free)

    Due to Covid healing sessions are currently being offered via zoom.


  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

    Vibration is the basis of life. Every sound you ever made echoes still. Sound waves never entirely disappear. Every body part of our body has its own frequency. Resonance occurs when frequencies come into synchronization. Different frequencies influence genes and cells. Form is created by underlying vibration. A solid is actually a wave, created and organized by a pulse. Sound energy can be used to heal entities vibrating at different frequencies come into resonance with one another. Sound can trigger past memories, release past memories, and stimulate joy. Through an intention applied it can create miraculous shifts in consciousness and healing.


    My approach as a sound practitioner is very intuitive, a primal approach. I work with crystal singing bowls all tuned to different frequencies of the body, drums, rattles, as well as my voice. The process is meeting your body's resonance. I give you what your body is calling for. Root harmonies are in your structure memory the memory of how we live in physical manifestation. I feel my job is to assist one in waking these up. Some have referred to my work as soul sounding. Angelic, and comforting and soothing.


    An individual session might last up to one hour. In some instances my clients will do the work with me toning on certain parts of the body which are stagnant. In other instances they might just be a receiving the sounds and reiki on a very subtle level. This work roots back to ancient Egypt as well as many different ancient cultures. For centuries sound has been used to harmonize the body and realign it back to its whole self. It is my honor to be able to bring back those ancient truths to assist other's in a re= awakening of themselves. I look forward to sounding with you soon.


    Individual 1-hour Session: $65 / Add Reiki combined: $85

    Due to Covid healing sessions are currently being offered via zoom.


  • Medicine Walks

    When is the last time you gave sincere attention to what is guiding your heart ? If it's been awhile, it could be time to engage the old practice of spending solitary time in nature. A Medicine Walk is a simple ceremony that enlivens your belonging to the earth, connects to deep wells of wisdom, and solidifies your unique gifts ready to be shared with community.
    What makes a Medicine Walk different from a regular walk in the woods is the intention you set. Ask yourself, "what's most alive for me right now"? It could be your relationship with the prevailing issues in the world, or a personal relationship. It could be undigested grief or emotions. It could be time to let go of old patterns or step into new ones. It could be that you want to be more familiar with the more-than-human wild life and place you call home. Whatever it is, this is a ripe chance to simply be with.
    In the morning we will gather in ceremony to state our intentions out loud and then cross the threshold out of ordinary time and into into solitary time in nature. Alone in nature, you'll fast from food, phones, jobs, to-do's, identities, and habitual patterns. The only aim is to be with nature and your intention. It is a sacred time to be with the wisdom revealed when inner nature meets outer nature. Upon your return, we will break fast together with a shared potluck meal. Then your story from the land will be witnessed by our circle of women through The Way of Council, and mirrored myself your guide as a way to amplify your story. Tarot cards will be included and brief readings to enhance the experience.
    Due to Covid we will practice social distance when we engage in circle and on the land.
  • Theater Arts

    Theater of the Soul

    In ancient times, theater was used as a way of bringing people together and sharing issues of how people felt in their tribes and towns. It was a way to connect and feel human, to laugh and cry and share our soul's deepest and darkest secrets.


    Theater of the Soul is just that, it is an invitation to be fully present with what is going on in the moment. To be an actor or performer, one who attempts to make a difference in their audience's lives, touching them and moving them to worldly heights one must carry. Presence is an invitation. It requires awareness, focused attention, using your intelligence, and allowing others to make an impact on you. And that is exactly what you will discover in my classes of theater.


    Each class will teach you about how to harness and witness your very own power and richness as a performer. The prerequisites are to have an idea or vision, concept you are working on, a script, monologue, song, and poem in a short play as well as other protocols. This class will give you the tools to create a more powerful presence in order to affect your audience. The way I work is from the inside out, hence the name theater of the soul. I incorporate meditation, visualization and writing exercises to assist in understanding one’s process of creation and offering. If your looking to tap into a deeper level of joy and creativity come join this eight week experience! Performances will be done at the end of our class via zoom.



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