• Group Therapy

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    Each class will explore different themes such as:

    • Tools to release anger
    • Courage to cultivate acceptance
    • Grace to turn to self-compassion
    • Faith to truly forgive yourself and others placing the past behind you. 

    Various therapeutic modalities will be used such as hypnosis, narrative therapy, and specific self-compassion tools to help you understand the deeper strength and wisdom that lies within.


    * All classes via zoom.

    * $450 fee for entire six-week series (prepayment required prior to start of class).

    * Classes meet consecutively from 10am until 12:30pm every Saturday from January 22 through February 26th.

    Current: Reclaiming Wholeness

    Finally getting the closure your seeking

    Are you grieving a loss of a breakup, or perhaps there is something else that is keeping you stuck in the past; harboring feelings of anger, resentment and remorse? If this resonates with you, it is time to get the closure and move forward once and for all.


    In this six-week series, you will be immersed in a process with other women who all are also choosing to move forward to get unstuck and find tools to release their past.


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    Lacey Morris is a LMFT, certified compassion ambassador, trained in hypnosis and expressive arts modalities. To read more about her go to: www.laceymorris.com

    Any Questions? Click Here to contact Lacey